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Surfing is the ultimate sport. The combination of adrenaline, idyllic surroundings and the satisfaction of catching your first few waves ensures that you'll have an unforgettable experience - and you'll be sure to be back at the beach before too long!

With various packages from half to full day, beginner to experienced there is something for everyone.

Prices start from £30 for half a day or £50 for a full day.

Group and family discounts are offered please call for more information.


Body boarding offers another route into the adrenaline packed world of surfing. Riding a smaller board and wearing fins you can be 'out back' and tackling unbroken waves after a couple of lessons but, as with surfing, body boarding takes a lifetime to master.

With various packages from half to full day, beginner to experienced there is something for everyone.

Prices start from £30 for half a day or £55 for a full day.

Group and family discounts are offered please call for more information.


Wearing a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and safety equipment, you’ll get to discover the coast around Newquay and immerse yourself in the local sea life!

Newquay has a spectacular coast and the best way to explore it is from the sea: we’ll take you right to the heart of the coastline and over the course of your session you’ll explore caves, duck through coves, negotiate rock jumps, plunge pools and whirl pools.

The price is £40 for half a day.

All equipment is provided but please bring suitable footwear

River Kayaking Tour

Paddling the tandem ‘sit on top’ Kayaks on the Helford River is a truly positive experience.

This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty boast’s some of Cornwall’s most spectacular scenery. Join us on a guided kayaking tour to explore some hidden creeks, paddle to spots unreachable by land or motor boat and, peer into the depths of the Helford River though clear blue waters and spy on some of Cornwall’s amazing wildlife.

Kayaking on the sit on tops makes this extremely safe and enjoyable experience suitable for everyone from beginners to experts who want an occasion to remember.

Kayaking tours can be experienced as a half day or full day tours, which will provide you with a safe and very memorable experience.


You can use a variety of open Canadian canoes that you paddle tandem or solo to give you a real taste of adventure you will be taught the vital strokes needed to control the canoe so you can fully enjoy the scenery and relaxing atmosphere of the quarry.

For the slightly nervous or more team orientated groups two Canadian canoes can be rafted together to create a boat suitable for 4-6 people to paddle, these cannot be capsized and are ideal for races, moving around and playing games in and generally having fun if you fancy a wilder session!

All Canadian canoeing sessions can be tailored to meet your needs whether you would like to learn skills and techniques that can be progressed in the future, possibly to one of our open water adventures or weather you simply want to splash around, play games and get wet!!

Raft Building

Raft building is a technical challenge as well as a challenging team building activity; test your construction skills as you tie knots, lash barrels and wood together.

Work together to create a raft to accommodate all of your team and that is strong enough to face the challenges ahead!

Once your raft is launched onto the quarry, watch as the other team’s raft disintegrates while the teams paddle to reach their destination. Rescue that ‘damsel in distress’ and race back to victory. Will anyone stay dry? Will your raft stay in one piece? Are you up for the ultimate team challenge in Cornwall?


Windsurfing is a sport of fun and enjoyment. Once you can master the basic skills after successfully completing basic training, you will be able to do windsurfing on your own.

You will enjoy the freedom when gliding on the surface of water and the romance of "flying" alongside with seagulls. It will also give you lots of excitement and challenge. When you are blasting on the water, the speed will pick up with the wind and the feeling is so wonderful that you cannot beat it.

Various courses are available from a full day learning to windsurf for groups or families. Spend the morning learning the basics and the afternoon enjoying new-found skills.

All kit is provided but suitable footwear is required.



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