101 New Years Resolutions For 2016

It’s 2016, now is the time to set those New Year resolutions in motion and make this the best year ever!

We all know that sticking to a diet or to quit smoking takes some work, so we’ve put together 101 simple resolutions that are easy to stick too and are sure to make a big difference (and the best bit…. no expensive gym membership is required!)

1. Make a bucket list

2. Cross something off the bucket list

3. Wear sunscreen

4. Try a food you hated as a child

5. Take the stairs instead of using lifts or escalators

6. Open a savings account, set up a weekly standing order for £25 as soon as your wages are paid

7. Get more sleep


8. Don’t text and drive (as a matter of fact, don’t use your phone at all while driving!)

9. Be on time

10. Try running/walking a little further each time you go for a run/walk

11. Turn off the TV, internet and your mobile phone before falling asleep

12. Give yourself extra time to eat the most important meal of the day…. Breakfast

13. Stop listening to gossip!

14. Gossip less!

15. Read a new book once a month

16. Spend more time with the kids


17. Try portion control at meal times (a good place to start is with a 10” plate rather than a 12”)

18. Spend more time outside (not forgetting the sunscreen)

19. Stop late night snacking

20. Live, love and floss more

21. Sweat once a day

22. Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm 

23. Pay off your credit cards

24. Buy local

25. Cut back on processed and packaged food

26. Drink more water

27. Watch the sunset

28. Watch the sunrise

29. Get active with the kids 


30. Quit sugar (you’re sweet enough already! but try starting with one less spoon in your tea or coffee)

31. Throw away all odd socks and underwear with holes in (yes you will need to buy more!)

32. Donate old clothes and toys instead of throwing them away

33. Start making a healthy lunch to take to work

34. Eat five new foods this year

35. Don’t use your mobile during social events and meals – talk more!

36. Start the day with a positive thought and a smile

37. Express more gratitude (a little gratitude goes a long way)

38. Run barefoot across the sand


39. Laugh more and worry less

40. Eat more green things

41. Take risks (but healthy meaning full ones)

42. Stop saying “I wish” start saying “I will”

43. Learn to make coffee so good… you don’t have to buy it!

44. Spend less time on Facebook!

45. Always say Please and Thank You

46. Stop drinking soda (this will help with #30 quitting sugar)

47.  Go and see the sea before the year is out and inhale the pure salt air 


48. Recycle more

49. Stop over thinking

50. Start believing in yourself

51. De-clutter your house/bedroom/loft (and donate to charity)

52. Do more of what you enjoy doing

53. Pamper yourself every few months – book into a spa for a relaxing massage or visit the salon for a new look

54. Book a family holiday


55. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a price and dinner like a student with a maxed out credit card

56. Start believing everything happens for a reason and expect good things

57. Slowly start cutting down on the amount of cigarettes you smoke a day

58. Make your bed daily

59. Cook more (not only can you make meals healthier you will save money!)

60. Stop biting your nails

61. Stop pressing the snooze button!

62. Try out a new hobby – learn to surf, find a dance class or learn a new language. The options are endless


63. Trace your Ancestry

64. Go on a date once a month with your partner

65. Conquer a fear

66. Swim in the sea at least once this year

67. Quit being a couch potato and fit in fitness, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, it’s something

68. Set yourself a goal and use resolution #42 ‘I will lose 2 stone in 6 months’

69. Socialise more in ‘real life’ than on Facebook

70. Revamp your wardrobe

71. Do a car boot sale (with clothes, shoes, books and toys you didn’t donate)

72. Cut down on alcohol

73. Follow your dreams

74. Get a pet (as long as you can dedicate the time to look after them)


75. If any destination is less than a mile away from home…. Walk it!

76. Stop dieting… eat more fruit & veg and drink water, water, water

77. Give more complements

78. Let go of the past and look to the future

79. Give blood

80. De-clutter the car

81. Introduce your kids to new foods

82. Take more photos of the kids (before you know it they’ll be 18 and leaving the nest)

83. Take less Selfie’s

84. Be organized

85. Fall in love (if you haven’t got a love already)

86. Pick a city in Europe to visit this year

87. Spend more time with friends

88. Keep at least one plant alive

89. Forgive a grudge you’ve been hanging onto

90. Allow your skin to breathe by going make up free

91. Make your bed every morning

92. Stop eating lunch at your desk…. take a real lunch break & get some fresh air

93. Say ‘I Love You’ more

94. Be happy


95. Go to a music festival

96. Get in touch with a childhood friend

97. Live stress free

98. Go back to school 

99. Get paid for doing something you love

100. Travel somewhere you have never been